eStore FAQ 

Q01: I'm having trouble logging in using the web address I have, what is the correct address to access the eStore?
A01: The correct eStore address is:

​Q02: When accessing the eStore, it asks for a username and password, what do I use?
A02: To login to the eStore, you must use your full or username (i.e. and associated password.

Q03: After logging in it indicates that I am "not recognized as an active student", but I am an active student so why can't I log in?
A03: If you are a new student who just started attending classes, it can up to a week for your access to the eStore to be enabled. If you are not a new student, please email with a screenshot of the error you receive as sometimes errors occur during account creation, so your account may need to be configured manually by the IT department. 

Q04: I was told that I have access to the eStore for 6 months after I complete my program at triOS or Eastern. It's only been 3 months since I finished my classes and now when I try to login, it says I am not an active student and will not allow me to do so. What is going on?
A04: Unfortunately access to the eStore is only available to students while they are actively attending classes at triOS or Eastern. Once you have completed your classes, your access is automatically removed by automated processes and will not be reinstated in accordance with our agreements with Microsoft and other software vendors.

Q05: I purchased extended access to software I redeemed through the eStore, but now that I've graduated I can no longer login to the eStore and I receive an error. Doesn't "extended access" mean I can login to the eStore to access my downloads and keys at any time during the purchased access period?
A05: No, the "extended access" you can optionally purchase does not cover your ability to login and access the eStore, it only ensures that Kivuto (the eStore provider) does not disable your ability to later request access to retrieve your downloads and keys via their support site. Once you are no longer an active student at triOS or Eastern your access to the eStore is disabled (and will not be re-enabled) and if you purchased "extended access" to software, you can request access to it via Kivuto's support site at

Q06: I'm a returning student who previously took advantage of the free software offer and when I logged in to the eStore, it indicated I have redeemed the software already! Well sure, I did so previously but don't I get access to more software if I take another course?
A06: As part of our agreement with Microsoft, all students have access to only one copy of the software, regardless of how many additional courses you take at triOS or Eastern. So, if you previously redeemed some, or all, of the software available to you in the eStore, you do not gain access to additional copies upon returning to triOS.

Q07: I purchased some software over a month ago and when I went into the eStore today to download the software and access my product key, I was unable to - why?
​A07: Most products in the eStore have a 30 day access guarantee, so for 30 days after you buy a product from the eStore you can download the associated software installation files and product keys. After 30 days, access to these resources are disabled.

Q08: What happens if I need to access my software downloads and products keys more than 30 days after purchasing the software?
A08: You must pay a ~$15 fee (per product) to Kivuto (the eStore provider) to re-enable access to any downloads and keys which fall outside the 30 day access guarantee.

Q09: The software I downloaded from the eStore is saying it's trial period has expired! I thought this was full version software, not a trial!
A09: If your software is running in trial mode, that's ok, it only means you have yet to activate it using a product key. Product keys must be used to activate all products downloaded from the eStore and once you have activated your software, it becomes full version software.

Q10: Where can I locate my Product Keys?
A10: In the eStore, Product keys will appear in red under each piece of software purchased on your completed order page . To access your Product Keys for software purchased within the last 30 days, login to the eStore, click Your Account/Orders, then click on the name of the software you previously ordered.

Q11: I previously bought Windows 8 Pro and when I try to add Windows 8.1 to my cart, it won't let me! Since I can see both versions of Windows 8, doesn't that mean I am eligible for one of each?
A11: No, you can download 1 (one) of each product you see in the eStore and since Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.1 are actually the same product, you are only eligible for one copy.

Q12: Does the software I get from the eStore ever expire?
A: That depends on the software. While most Microsoft software licenses do not expire, others do, so pay close attention to the details on the store page, while you are going through the check-out process, and after purchasing your software product for details on product licensing.